Episode 146 - What the @#$% happened to Microsoft?

Episode 145 - What do security and fire have in common?

Episode 144 - The security of money, which one is best?

Episode 143 - Security lessons from the phone book

Episode 142 - Hypothetical security: what if you find a USB flash drive?

Episode 141 - Timezones are hard, security is harder

Episode 140 - Good enough security is a pretty high bar

Episode 139 - Secure voting, firefox send, and toxic comments on the internet

Episode 138 - Information wants to be free

Episode 137.5 - Holy cow Beto was in the cDc, this is awesome!

Episode 137 - When the IoT attacks!

Episode 136 - How people feel is more important than being right

Episode 135 - Passwords, AI, and cloud strategy