Episode 127 - Walled gardens, appstores, and more

Episode 126 - The not so dire future of supply chain security

Episode 125 - Open Source, supply chains, npm, and you

Episode 124 - Cloudflare's service workers and the economics of security

Episode 123 - Talking about Kubernetes and container security with Liz Rice

Episode 122 - What will Apple's T2 chip mean for the rest of us?

Episode 121 - All about the security of voting

Episode 120 - Bloomberg and hardware backdoors - it's already happening

Episode 119 - The Google+ and Facebook incidents, it's not your data anymore

Episode 118 - Cloudflare's IPFS and onion service

Episode 117 - Will security follow Linus' lead on being nice?

Episode 116 - The future of the CISO with Michael Piacente

Episode 115 - Discussion with Brian Hajost from SteelCloud